Remember that dumb “what if God was one of us” song?  Well, I recently found out precisely what and where God would eat if he was one of us…


I’ve heard about this place from about five people now.  So as I drove through the lil’ Colorado Vail-wannabe town of Edwards, I cruised on in to see what all the hype was about. 

I looked up at the mighty menu of this modern-designed eco-friendly restaurant with potato plasticware and corn cups.  Item #1 was the Larkburger.  Item #2 was the Truffle larkburger – a 1/3 pound angus patty with truffled aoili.  I read no further.

I ordered a truffle larkburger with cheese, rare.

In a couple minutes it came out, wrapped in a nice little piece of recycled paper in a recycled box.  Then, I took a bite.

It was then that I realized where God came up with the name for his one and only begotten son.  “Jesus Christ” I shouted. 

This was, and I kid you not, the most incredible burger the world has ever known.  I love burgers too.  This was in an entirely new league.  The bun had this crispy outside edge that crunched in your mouth like a cheeseball or something.  The truffle aoili I figured would be overshadowed by the patty and cheese, but I was wrong.  The truffle flavor prevailed.  It was incredible. 

The meat itself was so succulent and delicious.  It oozed with buttery black angus fat.  I haven’t been so overwhelmingly impressed with something served at a restaurant in a long time. 

It was so good, that I say with confidence that if Don Gorske, who has eaten over 21,000 Big Macs took one bite of this badboy, fuhgeddaboudit!  He would never touch a Big Mac again. 

Larkburger is here to stay, soon to be a legend.  They just opened up location #2 in Boulder, where it will soon have a cult following if it doesn’t already.  If people in Boulder knew what was good for ’em, Whole Foods, Alfalfa’s, and what was the original Wild Oats would close down overnight, and there would be a hippie and yuppie stampede over to Larkburger. 

Seriously, if you are ever even close to the state of Colorado, take a trip to Larkburger.  It is a destination burger joint.  Forget coming to Colorado to ski, see some mountains, hike, mountain bike, or whatever.  All that is just in the periphery now.   The main reason to come to this state is now Larkburger.

Lobby congress, threaten to jump off of  a building – do whatever you can to get Larkburger to come to your town. 

Check it out at

P.S. – After reading some reviews, sounds like the Boulder location isn’t quite up to par with the Edwards location – especially with the service.  But I’m sure it’s still yummy beyond words.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, keep up writing such interesting posts.

  2. yum! my husband surprised me last night and took me to Larkburger in Boulder. i had the truffle burger and truffle fries (couldn’t resist the parmesan addition). i am going to campaign to get one of these in Fort Collins! thanks for bringing this place to our attention!

    • Told ya so!

  3. I just had Larkburger for dinner tonight… so damn good. I feel extremely blessed to live just a couple miles away from the Boulder location!

  4. Well, we just ate at the Fort Collins Larkburger – and we’ll visit it again. I’d like nutrition information though – can ya help me out here?

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