White Truffle Fries

Wow you guys.  I’ve been putting down pound after pound of truffled fries cooked in expeller-pressed “refined” coconut oil.  They are simply incredible when you get them right.  Just make sure if you are dropping ’em in the oven like I do in this video, that the heat is cranked up pretty high.  425 degrees F is a minimum if you want them crispy and downright amazing.  This is seriously one of the best things I’ve made and eaten in my home kitchen in the last year.   Make this for yourself, your significant other, or for a small group of friends and they will have a whole new level of respect for your culinary studliness.  Note: the truffle oil, although amazing, is totally not necessary.  Even without it, a perfectly-cooked homemade Yukon Gold french fry that is properly seasoned is a force to be reckoned with.  Enjoy!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of homemade fries and coconut oil. Not so sure you want to get to smoke point with the oil. That’s when you turn a healthy oil into a carcinogen.

    • And I would say with a high metabolism and healthy glucose metabolism, there’s hardly any such thing as a carcinogen. Plus, coconut oil can handle that degree of heat better than any other fat.

      • A carcinogen is a carcinogen. metabolism has nothing to do with it… Now, I don’t know if smoking coconut oil turns it into a carcinogen (makes it saturated but who cares if you eat in moderation,)just wanted to clarify the first point.

      • Metabolism has everything to do with it. That’s why old people get more cancer than young people. They have lower metabolisms and no longer have the metabolic benefits of being at full sex hormone potential. In fact, you can smoke cigarrettes all day long every day of your life and not get lung cancer if you have a healthy metabolism and well-balanced fatty acid profiles. The most smoking related cancer, for example, in the United States is among African Americans – by percentage. Guess who smokes the least? African Americans. Carcinogenicity of a substance is by far the lesser player in the cancer scenario. A necessary ingredient perhaps, but not the whole story by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Would you say that coconut oil handles the heat better than lard? Always wondered what the best fat for crisping was.

    • Yes. And coconut oil makes them crisper too. Tried them with tallow tonight but coconut oil still reigns supreme.

  3. O.M.G.

    I’m going to leave work early to make these.
    Thank you, Matt, thank you.

    • Who needs work when you can make fries. Without the truffle oil that plate of fries cost me about 30 cents to make. Both the potatoes and coconut oil were bougt in bulk. Got 20 pounds of those potatoes for $5

  4. holy awesomeness! i am totally making these! they will beat Larkburger’s fries i’m sure! might add some parsley with the parm like they do, too.

  5. I did leave work early and just finished off a plate of these bad boys. They ARE delicious even without the truffle oil. Thanks again, Matt!

    • Yippee! I hope you used some Yukon Gold taters. Tried them with Russets today. Not impressive.

  6. Matt,

    If you wanted to make “sweet potato fries”, would you use the same spices and truffle oil?

    • Sure thing. Never done sweet potato fries with truffle oil though. Bet it’s quite good though.

  7. Ah, man! I just took a closer look at the “White Truffle Oil” I bought at Sprouts for my next batch. The ingredients list is: GRAPESEED oil with truffle “aroma”.

    The fries totally don’t need it, though.

    • They definitely don’t need it, but damn. Gotta get da kine with olive oil. Grapeseed oil is so rank and tastes of oxidized nastiness.

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