Beef Wellington

This concludes our month of mega-gourmet filet action.  It’s about time.  Next month I’m going to try to go to the opposite side of the fence with the easiest, quickest, most ghetto food that I make for myself. 

This is definitely the most fancy pants of ’em all.  Beef Wellington is an old-school French preparation made by stuffing beef tenderloin (ideally with foie gras, but we’re not all jillionaires), wrapping it in Puff pastry, and baking it to perfection. It’s not as difficult to make as it seems at first, and can be greatly simplified as well by stuffing it with something simpler.

In the video I decide to stuff the Wellington with grilled asparagus and cream cheese.  I made it again two weeks later with wilted spinach, Cambozola, and cream cheese and it was even better.  If you want something really easy, a little creamy cheese is probably all you need – like Brie or Camembert.   I leave that call up to you. 

To make Wellington you will need:

1) A big hunk of beef tenderloin

2)Something to stuff it with

3) 1 Puff pastry sheet, rolled out pretty thin

4) 1 egg yolk and a splash of water (egg wash)

Then you:

1) Cut it open

2) Stuff it

3) Sear it in hot coconut oil, ghee, or beef tallow

4) Wrap it and egg wash it

5) Bake it.  In this case 425 degrees F made it slightly overdone before the pastry got fully browned. 450 is probably a better temp. – granted, I’m cooking at 6,200′ in elevation which makes a difference. 

If you dare to make this you won’t regret it!  What a treat for a small gathering of 4-6 people! 

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  1. so is the puff pastry you use made with butter? the only one i have found around here made with butter instead of some nasty veg oil was at whole foods. this looks yummy and surprisingly easy. i will have to try it!

    • Crap, I didn’t check. I assumed all puff pastry was made with butter. I’m about to go to the store where I bought it. I’ll find out and report back. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Crap! I’m never eating that shit again! Ha ha. But hey, it was good. It’s more a once-a-year kinda thing anywho. I lived to tell about it nonetheless.

  2. Thanks a lot for the inspiration. Looks yummy indeed and perfectly do-able for mere mortals.

    How long did you have it in the oven?

    BTW, there is a simplified version of puff pastry which is not as time consuming and demanding as the real thing and still works quite well. It is called rough-puff-pastry:

    • Had it in the oven for 30 minutes at the most. Probably slightly less. Just want that crust to get nice and brown. By the time it does it’s done in the middle.

  3. Beautiful. Will definitely be cooking up some of this for special occasions once I find some veggie oil free pastry….

    Looking forward to the easy stuff coming up in April, get some everyday 180 cooking on!

    • Word on the veggie-oil free pastry. Oops. Idiot!

      Yep, April is definitely going to be “under the top.” See how intentionally ghetto I can be. Might even reveal my “Pot-achos.” Potatoes smothered in cheese, salsa, and sour cream. That certainly isn’t beef wellington. Might tear into some frozen vegetables and everything.

      • Shouldn’t it say at the beginning that this “concludes” the month, not “includes”? Has to be…

        Looking forward to the ghetto food!

      • Oops. Son of a… Thanks for the tip.

  4. Very nice Matt.

    I have not really seen many recipes for this, but I was wondering if you could substitute the puff pastry with a butter/lard/tallow pastry dough similar to a pasty?

    Any thoughts? Probably should just give it a try.

    • I’m sure that would be fine. Phyllo dough would be another alternative. Lemme know how it turns out. Should be great.

  5. Wooohoo, looking forward to “under the top” April. Mignon Man March was awesome though. Weirdly two people who I know don’t read your blog suggested to me to buy whole beef tenderloin at Costco. What is it with that place? It’s has a Valley of the Dolls type grip on its customer base.

    Just a suggestion for some time in the future. I remember you posted last summer about doing your backwoods job all up 180 style and throwing down some serious food around the campfire. I’d love a more in depth post on that as camping season FIRES up. (wah see what i did there with the puns and the wacky?)

    • Yep, coming out with the first “under the top” post today. Potachos – Tater nachos. You see what I did there, I put two words together. Pretty neat huh. Only took me a week to think up a name for ’em. I’ll try to do a campfire video for sure. Great idea!

      • Thanks Matt. Potachos, rule by the way!

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