Homemade Sausage

If you like MSG, nitrates, refined sugar, and “natural flavors,” well then hey, just buy some sausage at the store! 

Unfortunately, even most local farmers and ranchers that have the local meat processing plant make sausage out of their meat have these nasty ingredients added to it.  I find any sausage or processed meat to be a one-way ticket to indigestion and that headachy, sluggish feeling of having consumed way too many additives.

This homemade sausage, which takes all of 5 minutes and just a few dollars to make, will divorce you from the bad habit of buying pre-made sausages forever.  There are very few things you can make in your home kitchen that are more versatile, cheap, easy to make, and popular amongst friends and family members than this simple homemade sausage.


  • 1 part ground pork to 1 part ground fatty beef (73% lean used in the video below) – a pound of each makes a big batch. 2 pounds of each like I do in the video makes a monster batch!
  • Fat wad of fresh-chopped oregano (dried will do, but is not even close to as tasty)
  • Several minced garlic cloves or 2T of garlic powder
  • Spicy Italian chile flakes or cayenne pepper to desired spiciness
  • Pinch of cumin or fennel seeds (optional)
  • Pinch of chili powder or mild dried red chiles (optional)
  • Lots of salt


  1. Mix it all up
  2. Cook a small piece to make sure the sausage is both spicy and salty enough to taste Juuusssst right. 

Cook with eggs for breakfast, eat patties as a full-on meat portion, make “dirty rice,” and whatever else you have to do to enjoy this sausage.  Most of this sausage batch made it on top of 2 nasty-good homemade pizzas covered with all kinds of junk for a small Toy Story party we hosted the other night.  Yeah, I’m really that lame in real life.  Sausage video below:

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  1. Great post. I never would have thought about making my own sausage, which is odd because I make pretty much everything else.

    My husband has a pork sensitivity, and we haven’t figured out if it’s the additives or something actually IN pork – the usual culprits like bacon and ham make him sick, but so do pork chops.

    I’ll give the sausage a try for me and my daughter to eat with our pastured chicken eggs!

    • You can always just use beef. Still comes out great. Hell, I’ve even made pretty good sausage with ground Elk.

  2. True, but with just beef I think it would taste too much like a hamburger for me. Maybe some ground turkey? I’ll have to experiment.

    • It won’t be too hamburgery if it’s flavored up with plenty of herbs, hot chile flakes, and salt. I do like ground turkey though. It has a flavor all on its own that would be great for sausage.

  3. Do you have a summer sausage recipe without the “nasty ingredients” in it? Would love to have something we could take on the road. Thanks!

    • I don’t, sorry.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I don’t think a Toy Story party is lame by the way. 🙂 I’m wondering your take on store bought meat and the added MSG and additives, preservatives in it??

    • No major qualms with store-bought meat, just processed meat.

  5. Hello again…this isn’t directly related, but after reading and pouring over your e-book and blog for the last several days I’m wondering a few things….I’m wondering what you’ve found out about enzymes and how they play into our digestive and overall health and how they fit in (or not) with your HED? Also, have you done any research pertaining to immunizations and these very same symptoms? I’ve spent the last 7 years (since my oldest daughter was born and depression and natural health and digestive issues and allergies entered my existence. Actually the allergies and probably the digestive issues were there for a long time prior I just had a different view of them then.)hopping from theory to theory. I started with Weston A. Price via Sally Fallon and went to Eat Right 4 Your Type and have found my way back to Weston A. Price with a different understanding of enzymes this time so….I’m curious how or if you are seeing any correlation to our starvation and exhaustion and digestive tract etc. and enzymes and immunizations.

    Lookin’ forward to your thoughts!

    • I’ve seen very little real evidence that enzymes are that beneficial or mandatory to consume a lot of in the diet. The health problems you experienced were probably from a drop in metabolism after giving birth, which is common. Child birth is quite taxing. Immunizations can take a toll, but usually only on those with poor ability to excrete toxins properly and altered immunity – both with strong ties to overall metabolic function. There’s a reason my focus is centered on raising body temperature and metabolism. It’s not due to lack of studying or exploring other ideas out there. I’ve hit most of them hard.

  6. Matt,

    Thank you for your thoughts. I’m sorry if my questions seemed insulting or that you hadn’t explored enough. You’ve explored; and that is why I’m asking. I also asked about these things twice due to my own lack of techno prowess :). I couldn’t figure out how to see your reply here. I apologize. I completely respect your style of research and theories. They make real sense. We’ll be purchasing your books as soon as we are able. I’m also wondering if you would be opposed to my mentioning your work, blog(s), etc. on my blog. This has consumed so much of my time and dream state (literally having dreams about this almost all night long lately!)I feel I need to share. I’m still in the infancy stages of my blog. I’ve only done four posts so it wouldn’t be much recognition for you, but its some. This is all just so intriguing and thought provoking I just want to share. Its a new world!

    I wish you a blissful day!

    Oh and…I just watched the video on Sockeye Salmon last night and was really excited to learn about the crispy skin being like bacon! Looking forward to trying that one!

    • Sea bacon! Yeah! Yes, feel free to post about my blog(s) and main homepage with free eBook on your blog. Thanks a lot!

  7. Thank you! 🙂

  8. […] For those who would rather shoot themselves in the head than eat a low-fat diet, you’ll be relieved to see I have posted a new recipe and video for my beloved homemade sausage HERE. […]

  9. Hi Matt. I’ve been reading your site for well over a month now. I signed up for the emails yesterday, but I haven’t yet gotten a reply.

    I just made your sausage and tested it. Wonderful! I added sage with the other ingredients. I love sage.

    I’ve been Rraarrfing for three weeks. Except this past week has been a hassle with sick, elderly parents and life getting in the way. All told, I lost six pounds in that time period and am sleeping much better. My temps have gone up, sometimes I register a 98.5!

    I’d like to personally thank you for all the wonderful information you’ve provided on this sight. I decided the best way to tackle it all is by reading the blogs, month by month, in historical order. Then I get all caught up in the links and the vids and before I long I realize I’ve actually been on the same page for ages.

    I’d like to keep you posted on my progress, if you are interested.

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