60 Second Salsa

I’ve made many different elaborate forms of salsa.  From grilling homegrown tomatillos to roasting whole heads of garlic to making pineapple salsa to even green tomato salsa – I’ve tried countless versions.  They were all great.  But the time and effort put into it is never justified when you can make beyond restaurant-quality salsa in literally 1-minute. 

With 5 simple ingredients, and a whole minute of your time, you’ll never buy store-bought salsa ever again.  Like I mention in the video, if you are interested in trying a very high-starch diet with considerably less fat but are having trouble making it tasty, salsa is your knight in shining sombrero. 


  • Canned whole tomatoes (or fresh, which is even better if the quality is good)
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1/2 onion
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • 1 can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

Now pulse it all in a blender or food processor.  It’s really that easy, and just about any starchy food is great when swimming in this stuff. 

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  1. Thanks for the idea……it sounds yummy!

    for more visit

    Food Recipes Hub [dot] Com

  2. Awesome flavor, but way, way, way too hot! No one else in my house will eat this…

    • Yeah, it’s definitely spicy. Not ridiculous, but definitely on the hot side. I guess I spent too much time in Mexico and Thailand. My tongue is dead! I ate that whole thing of salsa almost by myself in less than 10 days! A half gallon!

      I suggest pureeing another blender-full of tomatoes and then adding it to the salsa you’ve already made to salvage that batch. Next time you’ll have to use less chipotle I guess.

      • I already tried adding another can of tomatoes like you suggested. Based on some internet searching, I also tried adding sugar and vinegar. Not bad for me, but I want my family to eat some, too. I’m definitely not giving up! Thanks for the recipe and for saving me from the hours of chopping I used to endure…

      • Ha! That’s the spirit amigo! Perhaps I’ll do a different version one of these days – mild, almost drinkable. Like gazpacho.

  3. You aren’t heading down the low fat diet route are you? I certainly hope not.

    • Not entirely, but there defnitely appears to be some advantages in certain circumstances to a diet that maximizes carbohdyrate in relation to fat.

  4. Yeah, Matt, I’ve noticed you definitely use more spice than I would in a lot of things. Money spice, for example! Your cayenne bill must be through the roof. For salsa it’s ok, though In the midwest, the only homemade salsas you can buy are super weak, so I’ll give this a try with full spice. Andale!

    • My blender is huge too, so a full can of chipotle in someone else’s blender could be a raging tempest of picante. It’s hot enough as it is.

  5. […] it has been over the past several years, as I have substituted things like spices and potent salsa LIKE THIS for butter, creamy cheeses, heavy use of coconut oil, and fatty cuts of meat. No one would argue […]

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