How to Saute

This may seem like a simple lesson, but don’t overlook the fine details of cooking technique.  By taking the time to patiently cook things like cauliflower or zucchini as shown in the video until much of the surface area of the vegetable is well-browned and crispy on the outside – soft on the inside and infused with some tasty fat, you will turn seemingly bland and barely edible vegetables into something you can’t shovel into your mouth quickly enough.  Even the most sworn zucchini hater will have a newfound appreciation for the power of proper coooking technique when they lay into some of this…

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  1. I like it, and will try it tonight as I am inundated with summer squash from my garden. As an alternative, I cut in bigger chunks, use a wok on very high heat to carmelize and when finished dress with a tablespoon of either oyster or char siu sauce.

    • That sounds like the money to me. Damn that squash takes over the garden don’t it?

  2. So pretty much the same advice as cooking mushrooms, with the exception of cutting the pieces pretty small.

    Ha, lolz on restocking the TP.

    • Yes. You’re seeing the theme here. Brown crispy stuff = tastes awesome

  3. Yep restocking the TP. The first sign of a metabolic dynamo!!!

    • Yep. Metabolic dynamo = Gastrointestinal hineyblow

  4. Nice recipe home slacks.

  5. Hey Matt Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up. How ’bout a vid for your favourite Thanksgiving recipe or dare I say 180 dessert?

    • Yeah, maybe I’ll do a “gratin” in my new earthenware dish.

  6. So do you have any pan suggestions?

    • Yeah, I’m all about All-Clad stainless steel, but that’s not what I used in the video.

  7. THANK YOU! I am excited about food again!

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