Mesquite-Smoked Beef Brisket

Like good ol’ smoky barbecue?  Well, you don’t need any fancy equipment to make it.  In fact, you can make great stuff with a smoky flavor with a regular backyard grill.  No need for a separate smoker.  The following video reveals how you can do it, how to take the cheapest and most flavorful meat ever – beef brisket, and turn it into something divine, and all of that good stuff.  Yee haw! 

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  1. I am going to try to acquire a whole brisket and try this. Looks like a nice student budget item to have in the fridge for a week.
    Would it be possible to make a bechamel without flour to use as a base for a cheese souffle? I’ve got the souffle technique down but how would I do the bechamel?

    • It’s been forever since I busted out a souffle, so it’s up to your experimentation. But I can tell you right now… “Student budget” and “souffle” in such close proximity make me one smiley bastard.

      • Just an honest cheese one, if I figure out a flourless souffle i’ll let you know 🙂 But I cut the cost things like organic meats, and high quality cheeses with tons of potatoes. I end up spending way less than my housemates who don’t make anything more than warming pre-made pasta sauce and buy tons of juices, sodas and sugary cereals.
        I am thinking about writing an article about the specifics of their diets and health and how it directly mirrors the studying I have done. Like one guy buys low/no- fat everything(milk, yogurt) and is always snacking on sugary, refined bread products. One is vegetarian, eats very small amounts of food every few hours (he will eat a bowl of white rice and calls it dinner) and has had a runny nose for over a month… things like that

        But yeah… no one said braised trotters or beurre blanc over mussels don’t qualify as “student” eats 🙂

  2. Yeah, Chris! Way to go. You have learned the secret: whole foods are way cheaper than processed garbage. Even with organic local produce and grassfed meat, we still spend less on food than our neighbors who buy a ton of packaged stuff.

    The very first thing I made when I got Matt’s 180 cookbook was a brisket. Amazing meal and I did it on my little smokey joe. At the end I hat about half a cup of money spice laden tallow that made amazing fried potatoes a few days later.

    I don’t know where you’re shopping for meat though, Matt. The big box grocery stores in Minnesota are selling conventionally raised brisket for $3.99 a pound. That’s what I pay for grass fed cuts at my co-op after my member discount. I’m going to special order a whole brisket from my co-op and do another one soon.

    • For some reason brisket is the cheapest thing ever at my local supermarket. It seriously is $1.99 per pound, whereas the nearest Costco it’s $3.99

      • Maybe they just don’t have much call for it around there. Or maybe it’s some kind of BBQ mecca and supply and demand is such that they can afford to undercut Costco.

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