Butter-Poached Carrots

Holy frickin’ carrots here people.  I know I know.  Carrots?  How can those be extraordinary? 

Well, they can be and are when cooked with this slow, butter-based method that yields the sweetest little carrots your mind could imagine.  Fully caramelize these things (and don’t salt them) and they could actually make an excellent dessert component.  Actually, when you really nail these to the fullest, and caramelize them all the way (not shown in video), they taste like butterscotch.  Pretty wicked. 

Turn the boring carrot into a true 3-ingredient delicacy (butter, salt, carrots) with the amazing alchemic power of outstanding cooking technique – the backbone of my culinary sermons…

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  1. This is totally carrot porn. Yum!

    • Ha! I think carrots have always had a certain pornographic quality. Up there with cucumbers and zucchini.

  2. Yay!! I gotta say this cooking thing is something I thought I despised, but Wow how I light up and feel alive when I’m doing it now. Thanks Matt!

    I did do this by baking the carrots in the oven in butter once and got RAVE reviews from my family. I also added a few fresh chives cause I like ’em, but certainly the dish would be sweeter with out them.

    • That’s music to my ears. I think being good at something makes it more fun to do, and it doesn’t take but a few simple tips to get there.

  3. It’s great to see that 180kitchen is on fire again!

    I noticed in the video, that you use the green stuff from the carrots in your dish as well. Is the green stuff not the same as on the potato, which you shouldn’t eat, or is it different?

    I also wanted to ask whether you could save these in fridge, or if you should eat them right away?

    • Those were fresh garden carrots with nice, tender tops. I wasn’t worried about them. With larger, less fresh carrots it would be a different story. I usually remove the tops of those. These store in the fridge, once cooked, for a pretty long time. At least a week.

      • I wondered the same thing. I got a bag of garden carrots a few weeks back. Sadly, I cut off the green parts, thinking it was like potatoes. Our co-op is awash with turnips right now. I’m going to try this technique on em. I’ve been cooking way more veggies, lately, thanks to this blog.

      • Turnips are really my favorite with the butter-poaching method.

  4. Oh yum. I cannot wait to try this!

  5. I did the turnips on sunday. I cooked them about 45 minutes. I will do another 15 minutes or so tonight when I reheat them for dinner. The few that I tasted were really great. This is a super easy cooking method when you are doing a lot of “money in the bank” ahead of time dishes.

  6. I’m climbing my way out of GAPS food choice hell. After checking out this recipe I found my old self again, totally into food, slow cooking carrots from my garden in coconut oil while listening to death metal and wishing I had a real kitchen. Thanks! GAPS cured me of wanting to cook and eat, or even knowing how to cook anymore. For a long time I’ve done something similar with beets. I am not crazy about beets, but this is the beet recipe for people who don’t like them. It is simply to grate them and slow cook in butter or coconut oil with salt and pepper until reduced by half in bulk. They caramelize a little and become very sweet. I’ve always wanted to make a cake out of them.. very desert like.

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