Campfire Cooking

Today starts a good, lengthy series on cooking in a campfire.  Although this is something not everyone will have a chance to do, it is pretty cool, and a campfire has certain culinary advantages that other forms of cooking do not.  Most notably, campfire cooking is done primarily in aluminum foil, which forms a tight pouch for foods to slowly steam and retain their juices once the initial cooking process begins. 

But we’ll get into all that as we go.  First, we start our fire.  Pyromania!  Enjoy this series.  I promise we will go way beyond the s’more – going all the way to roasting a whole chicken over the open fire.   

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  1. Hooray! I know I’ve been pestering you to do this for ages. I’m so happy. We always save our Christmas tree for our Guy Fawkes bonfire. Eleven month old pine needles–that shit is like napalm. Since Guy Fawkes is a mere two weeks away, this is perfectly timed for me. We always do some fire cooking (potatoes, sweet potatoes on skewers.) But it’s always good to add to the repetoire. On our last camping trip we cheated and just plunked a cast iron skillet down in the coals and cooked some deer sausage. It made much better sausage than on a grate, since the fat didn’t all drip away.

    • You know this whole series is like my ode to you Jenny. You deserve it. You’ve been a 180 groupie through thick and thin (pun intended), and even like it when I make fun of white people. But I understand the connection now. Sandra Bullock was the only actress I ever admitted having a crush on as well. I’m like your husband’s “other” somehow.

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