Campfire Cooking – Grilled Cheese in Hobo Pie Maker

Hey, no magic here, but we gotta start this campfire cooking segment off slowly, building up to a whole chicken crescendo.  Actually, those little “pie irons” or “hobo pie makers” are pretty awesome.  Don’t mean to slight ’em.  Wish I had the ol’ double trouble as shown left. 

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  1. Love your video! Looks delicious! Hobo packs are great to check out the recipe at

  2. Sounds very delicious!

  3. Great article, awesome product. I work for and would love to get you setup with a double pie iron.. We will make you a deal.
    Come see our entire line of pie irons and waffle makers.

    Again, great little article, good reading.

  4. I work for Hobos Inc. and we would like you to be our spokesperson. It was the surfer shoes that did it.

    Just kidding. I’m just jealous that you are being approached by PieIronUSA for product endorsement.

    For some reason in Minnesota we call these “mountain pies.” But I like “hobo pies” better. We call anything cooked in tinfoil on a fire “hobo” so it makes sense.

    • That would be a classic oxymoron company. Hobos, inc. Who knew the Hobo Pie makers out there in the world were such big internet promoters?

      • Since reading a lot of whole food blogs, I’ve gotten so depressed by all the horrible corporate misinformation that goes on in the comments section, that it’s a relief to see a comment from a company like this who are totally benign. It’s kind of sweet, somehow.

      • Yeah I know. How could anyone ever slam Pie Iron makers for spamming? In fact, a Spam and cheese sandwich in a pie iron would probably be damn tasty.

  5. why do you recommend refined instead of extra virgin coconut oil? All I have read say EV is better…

    • I get that question a lot. Coconut oil is very stable, so how it’s pressed is less important. But I recommend it because it is cheaper, has no gross taste or smell (EV coconut oil gets old eventually), and causes less stomach problems.

  6. […] anyway, yeah, if I can stop thinking about food for a minute – like this GRILLED CHEESE maybe I could get going on this book review. Here […]

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