Roasting a Whole Chicken

Okay, it’s almost flippin’ December.  Way too late to be camping in most places and nobody really wants to eat a whole bird after Thanksgiving.  As usual, my timing is fantastically terrible, as this post is about cooking a whole chicken on a campfire. 

But you campers gotta see this.  Of all the things I made in this fun campfire cooking series, none tops the whole chicken.  It came out so perfect.  Brown skin, juicy on the inside, and an aroma that had me watching my back for bears. 

Coat it with oil, season it with plenty of salt and hopefully some cayenne to give it a spice (or pound it with the infamous MONEY SPICE).  Wrap up really well in aluminum foil, start that thing over some really hot flames to brown it and get the cooking process started, and then finish it slowly on some hot coals until you feel that thing is done – should take at least an hour.  The slower the better. 

Anyway, here’s the video.  Hope at least some of you enjoyed this series and put it to good use when the timing is right. 

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  1. Holy crap, Matt. That is an epic quantity of foil. This was really cool. Did you just set the chicken on top of a pile of coals and rotate then?

    • Yep, pretty much Nipper. I did break foil records I think, but that’s what it takes to make sure there is no rippage, allowing those precious juices to escape. Just start it hot, then cook it slowly. I actually let the fire totally die with the chicken on those smoldering coals. Money I tells ya!

  2. I could camp out any time of the year. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I forgot to ask, Matt, do you you use special camping or backpacking pans or do you use your regular kitchen pans when using a backpacking stove? Our backpacking pans are so rubbish. We mostly car camp anyway and have been bringing a small cast iron fryer with us, but while it’s ok to use on the fire grate, it’s too heavy for our stove. Suggestions?

    • I have a Stainless Steel MSR pot which is better than paper-thin aluminum. I do have a nonstick that is great with a folding handle. It’s about a 10-incher with nice, even heating and heavy gauge enough to cook a lot of good stuff.

  4. Have you tried the fry-bake pans? Kinda pricey, but I was thinking of checking them out.

    • Negative. Haven’t tried ’em. I expect a full report if you do.

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