Fat Loss Food

In the latest version of 180 Degree Metabolism, I promised to come up with a video compilation of some of the foods I recommended for fat loss.  For those who haven’t had a chance to read the book, the basic premise was that after you reached a point in which your metabolism was up (increased body temperature), and your hunger was down, you could begin entering an offical fat loss phase. 

In this phase adequate protein is the priority, followed by at least enough starch to get a “protein-sparing effect” and insuring that there is no lean tissue losses as you lose weight.  This equates to nearly equal amounts of starch in relation to protein, or slightly less – although the starch levels can vary depending on your appetite and personal preferences.  Last but not least is fat.  Although some will be so primed for fat loss that there will be no need to eat fat to be able to satisfy the appetite (as fat will be released in large quantities from the adipose tissue), others will need to add small amounts of fat to their food until they find that no-hunger, fat-burning sweet spot.  As always, appetite is the guide and should never be argued with, even if that means not losing an ounce of weight. 

Anyway, although the exact methods and recipes differ slightly from those in the eBook itself, hopefully this video compilation will serve as a good guide for those needing some kitchen guidance. 

Easy Salad and Salmon Salad

Primer on Homefries

Creamy Grits – or “polenta” using cornmeal