Proscuitto and Pave D’Affinois Sandwich

I call this badboy the glorified ham n’ cheese.  This was a tasty breakfast of mine while on a recent trip to New York City. 

During this trip, I kinda fell in love with food all over again.  I realized just how much good stuff I’ve been missing out on living in the middle of nowhere in Colorado.  In fact, this video features what is my all-time favorite rind-ripened soft cheese – Pave D’Affinois.  As you can see in the video, the texture is amazing.  So soft.  It makes Velveeta seem dry. 

Anyway, look forward to a lot more action coming up in the next couple of months at the 180 Kitchen blog.  I’m pumped about making good food right now and am filming several videos a week that will be coming out very soon – including some great photos of food I had in New York…

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