Proscuitto and Pave D’Affinois Sandwich

I call this badboy the glorified ham n’ cheese.  This was a tasty breakfast of mine while on a recent trip to New York City. 

During this trip, I kinda fell in love with food all over again.  I realized just how much good stuff I’ve been missing out on living in the middle of nowhere in Colorado.  In fact, this video features what is my all-time favorite rind-ripened soft cheese – Pave D’Affinois.  As you can see in the video, the texture is amazing.  So soft.  It makes Velveeta seem dry. 

Anyway, look forward to a lot more action coming up in the next couple of months at the 180 Kitchen blog.  I’m pumped about making good food right now and am filming several videos a week that will be coming out very soon – including some great photos of food I had in New York…

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  1. yeah it amazing what you can get so easily in a big city that you have to dig for in Colorado.

  2. Yum!I love Proscuitto and cheese! My dad makes homemade Panchetta (and sausages among other things); I’ll have to get him to make some Proscuitto!

    • Awesome. Your dad sounds like the coolest. Mine just sells airplanes 🙂

  3. The first time I went to New York, I made Graham walk, carrying Robert who was asleep (carrying sleeping kid sucks) about three miles out of the way to get cheese from Zabars. We have decent-ish cheese counters her in Minnesota but Zabars is the best outside of Europe.

    And hooray for cooking your own breakfast on vacay. We’ve started staying in apartments where we can do that. It’s cheaper and the food is almost always better.

    • Zabar’s is definitely the shizzy nizzy. I went to a couple of other cheese shops too and several Italian import emporiums like the new Eataly where the cheese was-a-flowin’. The cheese place near Washington Square or whatever it’s called was the chronic. Didn’t make it Zabar’s this time but my best friend there is Israeli, so we definitely hit it hard the last time.

      Aurora has a half-brother that lives downtown and was out of town. Um, yeah. I was making ravioli for breakfast in there with $30/per pound salami and oregano.

      • I need to make a cheese-specific trip to New York. I didn’t know there was cheese shop near Washington Square. When my friend first moved to New York she was shocked at how expensive groceries were in the city. She ended up working at a gourmet products distribution company and discovered that a lot of the little boutique foodie deli places were really pretty reasonable compared to paying $8 for a jar of ragu at a bodega. $30 a pound for really good salami doesn’t sound so terrible after that…

      • This is the cheese shop my buddy took me to. Pretty killer, and they have a daily class and tasting thing they do too.

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