180DegreeHealth Kitchen Action

Oh it’s on!

The calorie slayer is live on wordpress, ready to throw down all things edible.

For starters, I’ll be posting tidbits here and there about my own personal diet.  From time to time we’ll get into some recipes and techniques, complete with instructional photos.  I’ll give you some choice links to some of my favorite things at what is hands down the best cooking website on earth at the moment – www. rouxbe.com  By 2010, I’m going to do some filming as well, getting into some excellent and 100% free cooking instruction to help you spank food’s ass like a pro. 

Welcome to the 180 Kitchen!  Get ready to splatter some grease! 

For a primer to the site, please read my February, 2009 eBook release: 180 Kitchen: 180 Tips, Recipes, and More.  Available HERE

For more on 180DegreeHealth, visit:



Beef and Bleu

Bacon-wrapped ribeye with "melted" shallots, grilled asparagus, and Maytag bleu cheese

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  1. NICE!

  2. Awesome! The 180 Kitchen is my favorite cookbook ever, I’m very excited about the cooking blog. Yay!

    • Aw shucks, thanks Ingrid.

  3. That looks awfully low carb. Wheres the starch?

  4. Thanks for the chapati idea and the informative article.

    For me the chapati recipe worked a lot better after letting the dough sit for 20-30 minutes after kneading.

    • True, the more time you give it, the better and softer the dough gets. Plus, the grain seems to hydrate a little more and the finished product is less “grainy.”

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